Santa & Cole: Antoni Arola Leonardo Lamp

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Antoni Arola: White Leonardo Lamp
Santa & Cole: Antoni Arola: White Leonardo Lamp, imported from Europe.
Special: $2550.00 instead of $2950.00

Long strips of white, coated cardboard strips ribbon around a stainless steel frame from which emanates a glowing light source. The result is a beautiful lighted floating sculpture. Its form reminds of huge 20th century Scandinavian lamps, although it features the Mediterranean freshness of a knot of tagliatelle or the agave plant leafs. Antoni Arola is one of the most recognized Barcelona designers from the post-Olympics generation, had the idea of Leonardo while observing agave plant leafs. The Leonardo lamp will ship assembled.

Available in Small or Large:
Size Small: 24" diameter
Size Large: 39.3" diameter (+$4900.00)
Bulb: 1 x 100W

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