Ragna Berlin: Pearl Pendant Lamp

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Ragna Berlin: Pearl Pendant Lamp
Raga Berlinen, imported from Sweden.

PEARL had its origin as an art commission in Stockholm, Sweden, 1994. At the time, the designer had worked several years as a sculptor, experimenting with amorphous, organic shapes.

Glass resulted in being an extraordinary material for creating the form she was looking for. By blowing the molten glass, it seamlessly expands organically in an almost natural process. It requires the most skilled craftsman, with sensibility and an intuitive understanding of the material, to let go and allow the hot liquid to flow into the desired shape. Every glassblower adds his or her personal touch to the final result, making each PEARL unique.

The amorphous shape of the glass is contrasted with the consistency and preciseness of the aluminum fitting.

Material: Mouth blown glass, aluminum.

Size: 18.5" length x 12.5" width, cable lenght is 8'

Light Bulb: Max. 100W.

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