Pierre Chareau: Maison de Verre Modern French Architecture

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Pierre Chareau: Maison de Verre

A remarkable little book about the wonderful "Maison de Verre" (the house of glass). La Maison de Verre was designed by the notable French architect Pierre Chareau. La Maison de Verre was built in the center of Paris, the structure made mostly of industrial steel and glass block. This book attempts to give an overall picture of this major work with photographs and survey drawings. The remarkable Maison de Verre was inserted into an existing building and is one of the most unique modernist buildings of the twentieth century. The dissolving of views through semi-transparent glass blocks, the juxtaposing of metal and glass, 'free' space and solid add a dynamic dimension to this house which almost takes it into the realms of Surrealism. Built in the center of Paris, La Maison de Verre is neither a work which can be overlooked for it avantgarde qualities, nor as a landmark in the history of Modern Architecture.

French architect and designer Pierre Chareau is something of enigma in the world of modern architecture. Outside of his architectural work, he left little writing that tells of his personality or even his design beliefs. La Maison de Verre (the Glass House), Pierre Chareau's most celebrated work, does little to dispel the mystery of its creator. Completed in 1932, the house is clearly born of his modernist grounding, but its amalgamation of styles--Moorish, Andalusian, Japanese, even nautical--is a distinct departure from the movement and even from Chareau's main body of work. Like his contemporaries Mies Van Der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright, it is believed that Chareau bypassed a traditional education and instead learned his metier on the job, working for a noted British design firm. He first exhibited at the 1919 Paris Salon d'Automne. From then on he became a fixture in the Parisian salon circuit, forming close associations with other artists and writers such as Raoul Dufy and Max Jacob, whose surreal sensibility may have informed some of Chareau's pieces.

Publisher: Index
Authors: Cremonini Lorenzino, Moretti Mario, Pannocchia Vittorio
Publication Date: 1997
Language: Italian and English
Pages: 64
Illustrations: black & white illustrations
Size: 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch
Condition: New
Binding: Softcover
ISBN-10: 8881251485
ISBN-13: 9788881251483

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