Nathalie Du Pasquier: NDP24 Carpet

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Nathalie Du Pasquier: NDP24 Carpet
Life's Commodities 2.005
Post Design, hand made in Tibet.

Wonderful carpet from the Life's Commodities 2.005 Post Design collection.
All the carpets are entirely hand made in wool in Nepal, from the spinning, dyeing right through finishing and final washing. Each one is produced in a limited series of 36 pieces and is signed by the designer.

The knot used for these carpets is the Tibetan one, which differs both from the Persian and the Turkish and is used only in Nepal and Tibet. The warp mount of the looms is made with cotton, as is the weft that joins the various threads of knots, while the pile is in wool.

This carpet line is produced by a socially-just manufacturer in Kathmandu which does not allow child labor. The factory has even set up a Montessori school for children of employees and a hospital which is open to all.

The dimensions of the carpets can vary slightly from the standard dimensions indicated. This is due to the fact that they are handmade and worked on by different weavers.

Size: 35" x 35" (90cm x 90cm).

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