Woven Wally Dog: Full Sized Pooch

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Woven Wally Dog: Full Sized Pooch
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Special: $290.00 instead of $325.60

Our full sized pooch named Woven Wally is cute-as-a-button! Woven Wally the Dog stands 27 inches tall and looks beautiful in any interior. Best of all, he does not require walks! Woven Wally is a faithful companion who never needs to be fed, groomed or walked. His light weight makes him easy to move around, and his padded feet guarantee this canine won't scratch the floor. Woven Wally is tightly woven by hand from natural sea grass and detailed with a black nose and button eyes for added personality. 23.75" long x 12" wide x 27" high with pliable tail. For decorative purposes, not intended as a toy for young children.

Our Woven Wally Dogs are hand crafted by master artisans which is precisely the reason we like them. Each Woven Wally is a "one off" unique piece, finished by hand. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept understandable variations in shape as well as minor imperfections that are normal for unique hand made objects.

Price is for 1 (one) Woven Wally Dog: Full Sized Pooch.
Can be combined with our other Woven Wally Dogs, see bottom page.

Dimensions: 23.75" long x 12" wide x 27" high

Material: Natural Sea Grass, Button Eyes, Black Nose.

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