Hammered Silver Collection: Candle Votive Holders (Tray and Votive)

Hammered Silver Collection: Candle Votive Holders (Tray and Votive)Click to view additional images

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Candle Votive Holders (Round Tray & Votive)
Hammered Silver Collection

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This set includes one of each: round tray and votive. Each delicately crafted piece is constructed from high quality stainless steel sheet that is hand-hammered with precision to a soft, dimpled texture. Each is then plated with silver and polished to a lustrous sheen. These very stylish pieces reveal exquisite hand-crafted details. Highly decorative in form and a great addition to your home decor.

Size tray: 5.25" dia x 0.5" h
Size votive: 3.75" dia x 2.25" h

Material: hammered steel with polished silver plated finish.

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