Tinsel Tabletop Christmas Tree / Tinsel Theme Small Christmas tree

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tinsel small tabletop christmas tree
small christmas gift trees for mantel or table
price is for a set of two (2) trees in the same color: one small 15" h + one large 19" h
  • hand-crafted tinsel tree fashioned with plenty of sparkling tinsels
  • each tinsel christmas tree measures 19.5" h x 11" as displayed
  • gleaming vintage-inspired trees for apartment, office, dorm or as an accent piece
  • for your own home or as a gift to friends and loved ones
  • (2) trees in the same color: one small 15" h + one large 19" h
looking for our tinsel small table christmas trees? have the wish to decorate but need a small christmas gift tree for mantel or tabletop? ready for some tinsel? with our vintage-inspired small tinsel trees in extruded strands of silver, we've got just what you need. made especially for all of us with smaller spaces that have holiday decorating ideas (but limited space), this festive silver tree is now available in silver (our original color) but also in green and pink. this silver christmas tree has immeasurable combination of style and glamour. an ideal tree for any holiday decor.

when were tinsel trees invented? most of think they were styled during the roaring twenties fashion age, the age of prohibition, the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight, non-stop dance marathons and the charleston. but the story about the tinsel tree goes back further in history; in 1610 tinsel was dreamed up in nuremberg, germany since the material beautifully reflected candle-light. tinsel trees went out of vogue after the introduction of electricity but made a roaring come back in the early 20th century and remain a sparkling alternative to the omni-present perhaps all too general; standard run-of-the-mill green tree.

for a matching look, check our christmas ideas.

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