Davy Grosemans: Sywawa Breezer Garden Parasol

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Davy Grosemans: Sywawa Breezer Garden Parasol
Sywawa, Belgium.

The Sywawa Breezer parasol is one of the most beautiful garden parasols we have ever seen! What happens when you mix an ordinary laundry carrousel with a piece of art like 'The Gates' by Christo? You end up with Breezer, a new parasol concept which plays with wind, movement and light. Davy Grosemans designed this dreamy, delicate parasol which feature a sturdy PVC-coated polyester top sheet, with polyester flags that hang down for a soft, romantic effect while protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun.

The Sywawa Breezer parasol has dozens of flaps hanging from the top (waterproof) that flutter in the in the wind and transport us into an alley way in Venice where smell of washing wafts in the air! Every small breeze makes the layers of cloth dance in the wind creating magnificent and playful shadows! The very large dimension insures an optimal protection against the sun and the rain. The Breezer parasol has received the prestigious iF Gold Award.

Base and protective cover sold separately.

Size of the shade: 8.2' x 11.48'
Free Height: 6.73'
Closed Folded Height: 10.50'
Thickness Top: 15.75"
Pole: Inox 316, brushed, 1.57" (40mm) diameter

Material: inox steel, polyester PVC

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