Ineke Hans: Sugar Candy Mountain by Cor Unum

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Ineke Hans: Sugar Candy Mountain
Cor Unum, Netherlands.

Ineke Hans designed Sugar Candy Mountain as a conversation piece. Sugar Candy Mountain is limited to 100 pieces. Sugar Candy Mountain is a black ceramic sculpture in the shape of a mountain, complete with white ceramic glazing. Not included are the sweets or chocolates that can be placed on top of this little sculpture.

Sugar Candy Mountain is a fictional country from Animal Farm by George Orwell. Sugar Candy Mountain is claimed to be situated somewhere in the sky, a little distance above the clouds. Ineke Hans was inspired by George Orwell's Animal Farm to create her own artistic interpretation.

Can pottery have personality? Cor Unum, the Dutch producer of ceramic art pieces, thinks tableware can be witty, handsome, provocative and helpful. To that end, Cor Unum hires architects, artists and industrial and fashion designers, and then provides computer-aided design and manufacturing to expand their ideas.

Size: 15.4" height x 21.25" wide
Material: glazed earthenware.

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