Hand Chased Pasha Coffee Table in Recycled Aluminum

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Hand Chased Pasha Coffee Table in Recycled Aluminum

Special: $599.00 instead of $685.00

Our beautiful recycled hollow aluminum Pasha coffee table features a beautiful hand-chased texture, scalloped sides and a hand-worked floral pattern on its top. The rhythmic design of this highly decorative coffee table makes a simple yet refined statement. Use it as an elegant accent table or in the center of your living room as a coffee table. Reminiscent of the tale of 'One Thousand and One Nights', this unique coffee table meshes traditional craftsmanship with modern style. Its highly decorative appeal makes the Pasha table perfect for use as a single center piece or in multiples in a larger space. Since it is made of hollowed aluminum (light weight), it can easily be moved to make an impromptu cocktail table. We carry both the Pasha Tuffet Vanity Stool or Side Table ($295.00), which makes a great stool or end table, and the larger and lower coffee-table-sized Pasha Table ($599.00). Aluminum will develop a natural patina over the years which will enhance the table's appeal.

Price is for 1 (one) coffee table.

Dimensions: 29" dia x 12" h

Material: recycled hollowed aluminum with hand-chased texture.

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