Alessi Teo Teaspoon Tea Bag Squeezer Stainless Steel AS01

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Product Details

Alessi Teo Teaspoon Tea Bag Squeezer
Alessi, Italy.

Alessi Teo Teaspoon Tea Bag Squeezer Stainless Steel AS01. Teo Tea Bag Spoon by Alessi: after tea has been steeped, this handy spoon helps to remove the string and bag without losing it to your cup. Designed by Karin Santorso of LUCY.D for Alessi. The Teo Teaspoon is made by Alessi in Italy.

This stunningly elegant Alessi spoon for tea bag is an innovative and refined way to remove your tea bag. Gently lay the teabag on the spoon with the string fitting into the handle, lower the spoon into water, brew, then remove the spoon and the tea bag together, thus eliminating unsightly drips and wet fingers. The gracefully curved edges and sloping bottom hold the bag and string in place and add to the beauty of the piece. The Teo spoon by Alessi solves the messy problem of dripping tea bags, as you lift them from your cup. The spoon can be used to stir in the sugar and milk, and then also to remove the bag from the cup. The Teo spoon for tea bag makes it possible to remove the bag from the cup and gently squeeze it at the same time by pulling it up through the hollow handle. The much drier tea bag can then rest on the spoon. Made from 18/10 stainless steel.

Product Features:
Brand: Alessi
Designer: LUCY D
Material: 18/10 stainless steel
Dimensions: 5 3/4 inches long

Dishwasher Safe.
Great wedding gift idea, housewarming gift.
Made by Alessi in Italy.
Presented in Alessi box.

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