Jasper Morrison: Punkt Alarm Clock

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Jasper Morrison: Punkt Alarm Clock
Punk Group, made in Japan

Punkt is a beautiful minimalist modern alarm clock designed by British designer Jasper Morrison for Punk Group in Japan. Punkt Group came about as a reaction against the endless supply of thoughtlessly designed consumer electronics. With designer Jasper Morrison, the Punkt line chose to bring more simplicity, more user-friendly operation, more intuition into the design of small appliances and electronics for everyday use. This clock is carefully conceived, as are all Jasper Morrison designs. The case is L-shaped extruded aluminum, real mineral glass fronts the clock which has luminescent hands and markers, as well as an LED light which is activated by pressing the back of the clock. At the 12 o'clock position is a dot alarm indicator, so at a glance you can tell if the alarm function is engaged or not. The alarm time is set through one dial on the back which protrudes through the clock cover. To set the time, one needs to remove the cover which reduces the chance of errors when setting the alarm. Three LR44 batteries each power light, alarm and timepiece, allowing longer overall battery life estimated to be about 1 year. Thoughtful design of the AC01 clock is meant to facilitate our lives, not complicate it. Aluminum case, mineral glass, Seiko movement, luminescent hands and markers, alarm on/off indicator, LED light function, crescendo alarm, snooze function, quiet function, three separate LR44 batteries to last approximately 1 yr, two-yr warranty, nicely packaged in a presentation box.

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