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Max & Linda Wallter: Sunburst Wall Accent
Made in USA.

This beautiful Sunburst is reminiscent of mid-century modern. It comes in two sizes to be compatible in many settings. The small 24" starburst can be mounted over a mantle, or in multiples across a long hallway. It commands a presence and becomes the primary focal point on a large gallery wall.

For easy, no fuss installation these lightweight pieces have a peel-away 3M adhesive backing. The applications can be applied to almost any interior wall or door. Please note however that the easy to use peel-away 3M applications is permanent and may damage your wall, door or the product if removed. If you do not wish this to happen, you can always purchase small velcro strips at your local hardware store instead.

Each Sunburst is 1/2 inch deep, wood based, natural primed wood finish (non-colored) and ready for painting. Easiest to spray paint or can be brushed with an interior latex.

Material: wood.

Size Options:
Regular: 23.5" diameter

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