Frank Gehry Original Heller Modern Twist Cube, Silver

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Twist Cube
Frank Gehry Silver Twist Cube Chair/Table.

Made by Heller, USA.

Frank Gehry Furniture: Contemporary Outdoor Garden/Patio Twist Cube Chair by Heller. Gehry's Twist Cubes aren't just prettier - they are sturdier in every way. Larger, yet dramatically lighter. More architectural, but priced moderately. It's a new generation of Heller's Twist Cubes; a Frank Gehry outdoor chair design. Modern Frank Gehry Silver Three|Right|Left Twist Cube by Heller. Frank Gehry's Twist Cube adds design and sophistication to your outdoor space. The Twist chair has a cube-shape design with all UV-resistant construction making it perfect for your backyard or poolside. Part of the Cube range of outdoor seating by Frank O. Gehry architect. Choose Left Twist, Right Twist or even Three Twist. The Heller Gehry contemporary Twist Cube was designed by Frank Gehry for Heller. Gehry's Twist Cubes (2004) are part of Heller's Frank Gehry sculptural outdoor furniture collection which includes a spectacular modern furniture group of three cubes, a bench, an easy chair, a coffee table and a sofa. The Heller Frank Gehry Twist Cube displays clean modern lines in the typical style of Frank Gehry. This modern twist cube with its sculptural shape is a great accent piece in any interior. The influences from his Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Walt Disney Concert Hall are clearly visible. These accessibly priced pieces display the unmistakable deconstructivist touch of his architecture. Made of rotation-molded polymer, the cubes, bench, easy chair, table-seat, and sofa are all suitable for commercial, institutional, and residential use, indoors or out.

Frank Gehry is a leading expressionist postmodern architect. Frank Gehry likes to use unusual materials for his architecture and furniture, and with the furniture series for Heller, he succeeded again in lending such everyday material as polymer a new aesthetic dimension. Heller's Frank Gehry Furniture Collection is a great way to add a modern touch to any space.

Material: Rotation-molded polymer plastic, silver.
Dimensions: 17.5" length x 20" depth x 17.5" height.
Use: Indoor or outdoor.

Available Versions:
1. Left Twist Cube
2. Right Twist Cube
3. Three Sided Twist Cube

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