Santa & Cole: Antoni Arola Cubrik Suspension Lamp

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Product Details

Antoni Arola: Cubrik Suspension Lamp
Santa & Cole, Spain, imported from Europe.

The search for innovative material solutions resulted in Antoni Arola's Cubrik lamp, created for Santa & Cole: a cube-shaped hanging lamp, with a steel reticular structure. It is formed by flat square plastic shades. The shades' design allows the user to choose the amount of desired light while the shades can be set to project an image of more or less neatness and order depending on one's mood.

Includes ceiling cap (ceiling cap has 9.84" diameter)
The maximum drop length is 9.8 ft.

Material: Nickel frame with ABS adjustable squares.

Size Options (pictured above are Cubrik 36 & Cubrik 100):
Cubrik 36: 15.7" square, 3 x 3 squares
Cubrik 100: 27.5" square, 5 x 5 squares (+$1200.00)

Light Source:
Cubrik 36: 1 x max 150 W E 27
Cubrik 100: 1 x max 150 W E 27