Heller JOE 67.75"W Modern Outdoor Lounge Easy Chair

Heller JOE 67.75"W Modern Outdoor Lounge Easy ChairClick to view additional images

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De Pas, D'urbino, Lomazzi: Joe DiMaggio Chair
Heller, USA.

Heller Joe Modern Outdoor Lounge Easy Chair. Discover baseball throwing drills at the home or the office with the Joe DiMaggio Baseball Chair from NOVA68. The Joe Chair is a classic modern lounge chair inspired by baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio! The Joe Chair is shaped like an oversized baseball glove. The Joe chair was designed by Italian designers de Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi in 1970. Originally in leather, it is now reissued in a new self cushioning plastic polymer which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Joe adds a smile to any environment at a price that doesn't break the bank. Joe came to international attention in 1972 with the new york exhibition 'italy : a new domestic landscape' at the MoMa - museum of modern art. Play ball with this iconic modern lounge chair!

Dimensions: 34 1/16" height x 65 3/4" width x 44 1/8" depth.

Material: Soft resin polymer plastic.

Color Options:
Greyish Marble color
Brown (Pantone #469C)

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