Guido Gambone Ceramics: Dipinti e Ceramiche 1930-1969 Book

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Guido Gambone Dipininti e Ceramiche 1930-1969
Italian Ceramics

Guido Gambone Ceramics: Dipinti e Ceramiche 1930-1969 Book. Collectible Guido Gambone monograph by Eduardo Alamaro and Fabio Donato. This is a hard to find Italian monograph about Guido Gambone. Guido Gambone (1909-1969) was a talented Italian artist who had his own ceramic workshop in Florence Italy. Guido Gambone made an amazing collection of artistic stoneware pieces. His pottery was covered in thick, colorful, lavalike glazes. This Guido Gambone book has text in Italian only but pictures and descriptions are self-explanatory. Furthermore pictures make up most of the book. This book is probably the best and most complete book ever published about Guido Gambone and covers some of his most important works. This edition also features Guido Gambone artwork, sculptures, ceramics and there is even a small architectural work. Every serious collector of Italian art and mid century modern pottery should have a copy of this book. Profusely illustrated with full color and black&white pictures.

Guido Gambone became intrigued with ceramics as a creative medium at an early age and eventually became one of the undisputed leaders of the Italian modernist ceramics movement. He was a true master of his craft and excelled in creating artistic objects in beautiful bold colors. Most of them are breathtakingly beautiful, much more so when viewed in person. Guido Gambone's beautifully glazed mid centery modern ceramic work is more diverse than many of his colleagues, but as a body of work still holds together with a consistency in color, biomorphic form, and primitivistic decoration. Guido Gambone passed away in 1969, but his son Bruno Gambone is carrying on the tradition of high quality Italian ceramics bearing the Gambone name.

Publisher: Provincia Di Salerno
Authors: Eduardo Alamaro and Fabio Donato
Publication Date: 1991
Language: Italian (no English)
Pages: 215
Illustrations: Profusely Illustrated
Size: 12 inch x 9 inch
Binding: Softcover
ISBN-10: 8879370065
ISBN-13: 9788879370066

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