Premium Collection: Wave Wool Bedspread

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Premium Collection: Wave Wool Bedspread
Fold Luxury Bedding Premium Collection.

We are proud to introduce the premium collection of wool bedding, available in nine unique color combinations. This combination consists of a flannel base with a monochromatic raised stitch. This bedspread is more expressive then any other bedding available. Sized at 90" x 90" which fits most mattress sizes; tucks in on a double bed, fits well on a queen bed, or lightly hangs off the edge on a king or ca king bed. The square size allows for an arrangement on the bed that is either horizontal or vertical, depending on what works best in your bedroom.

No longer is the bedding the after thought. "Wave" adds a visual element to your bedroom that equals the bed itself. Pure luxury for your own bedroom or the finest boutique hotels.

100% wool flannel with accenting overlock stitch.
Dry clean only.
Size: 90" x 90".

Usually ships in 2-4 weeks.