Jonathan Olivares: Smith Storage / Stool

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Jonathan Olivares: Smith Storage & Stool
Danese, Italy.

Smith is a multi-functional object intended to provide support for various activities in different areas of the home and office. Smith's features provide seven distinct functions; a container providing space for storage, a cantilevered top allowing the object to be hung from a table, a flat upper surface serving as a side table or temporary seat, handles to facilitate moving, wheels for carting, and a protruding bottom that allows the wheels to hang over the sides when multiple Smiths are stacked. Smith's form is the result of a balanced ecology between these features and functions. This hybrid object is useful at a desk, a bedside, a sofa or a dining table and avoids classification into one specific typology. Ultimately it is the user who will come to define Smith through its use.

Technical Description: bended sheet metal on casters.

Size: 12.60" x 15.75" x 18.11"

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2 weeks lead time