Alessi Joy No. 1 SILVER Centerpiece Serving Bowl by Claudia Raimondo

Alessi Joy No. 1 SILVER Centerpiece Serving Bowl by Claudia RaimondoClick to view additional images

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Alessi Joy No. 1 Centerpiece Bowl by Claudia Raimondo
Alessi, Italy.

Alessi Joy No. 1 Centerpiece Bowl by Claudia Raimondo. Lend some personality to your kitchen and home with this beautiful centerpiece bowl designed by Italian designer Claudia Raimondo for Alessi in Italy. The designer has designed the Alessi Joy No. 1 bowl with embossed sides and an uneven, jagged rim. The irregular texture creates a fascinating play of light that enhances the object, invoking the image of master silversmiths’ machined surfaces. The large dimensions exalt its formal characteristics and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the metal. Lastly, the glossy finish helps to emphasize the reflective effect of the surface. A sheet of steel becomes form and decoration: joy, like a jewel, a pleasure. Super stylish and on trend, the design features faceted edges – that look as if the steel has been screwed up and re-shaped into a beautiful fruit bowl. Made from 18/10 Stainless Steel, the high quality material ensures that this bowl both feels as well as looks the very best. Sure to be a hit, it would look great on any kitchen island, dining table or coffee table. New by Alessi, it is a definite collector's item.

Designed by Claudia Raimondo, the Joy No. 1 bowl is an investigation into cold working of metals. Filled with facets, the bowl appears uneven, like an avant-garde work of modern architecture. It appears fluid and gem-like. CR01 - Joy n.1, centerpiece - Alessi centerpiece.

Product Features:
Brand: Alessi
Designer: Claudia Raimondo
Material: polished 18/10 stainless steel
Dimensions: 14 1/2" dia x 4" h

Wipe with a soft non-abrasive cloth to retain quality.
Great wedding gift idea, housewarming gift.
Made by Alessi in Italy.
Presented in Alessi box.

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