Alvar Aalto: Aalto Savoy Vase 3.75 inch

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Alvar Aalto: Aalto Premium Savoy Vase 3.75"
Iittala, Finland.

Presented in Iittala gift box.
The super modern Savoy line was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1937 for Iittala, Finland. A stylish accent on your table, even when it is not being used! The renowned "Aalto" or "Savoy" line represents the best of aesthetic sophistication in Finnish design. Architect Alvar Aalto's original, unconventional design continues to win awards over 50 years after its debut.

Size: 3.75"

Color/Finish options:
White (+$20.00)
Black (+$20.00)
Apple Green(+$20.00)
Water Green (+$20.00)
Light Blue (+$35.00)
Rio Brown (+$35.00)

Most colors in stock.

About the Savoy line:
Entirely plain but shaped with free organic curves to provide decorative interest, this vase was one of a series by Alvar Aalto that introduced a new abstract vocabulary into glass design, a development that art critics have attributed both to the designer's fondness for natural forms and to the influence of such surrealist artists as Jean Arp. Sometimes known as the Savoy vase from its use in the Savoy restaurant in Helsinki, which Aalto built in 1937, this piece and others in the series took First Prize in a competition sponsored by the Finnish manufacturer Karhula-Iittala in 1936. The competition aimed to find new tableware and art-glass designs for the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937, where these pieces were first exhibited.