Bathroom Accessories: Overdoor Hook by Stotz Design

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Stotz Design: Overdoor Hook
Blomus, imported from Germany.

Special: $38.00 instead of $52.00

This functional overdoor hook comes in handy when you do not wish to drill holes in doors or walls. Check out our amazing modern bathroom collection for other great additions.

Made in Germany for unsurpassed precision-made quality! The aim of Blomus is to harmonise form and function and to create special products for everyday life. By creating accessories that combine simplicity of function with the beauty of the material, Blomus has created an impressive Design catalog.

The Blomus Collection includes kitchen backsplashes, bathroom accessories, bathroom mirrors, firepits, fireplace tools, torches, laundry bins, mailboxes, ...

Size: 1.60"

Material: Stainless steel.

usually ships in 2-4 business days.