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Jean-Michel Frank

Exceptionally beautiful reference book on the French designer Jean-Michel Frank. With the resurgence of French design from the 20th century, Jean-Michel Frank is getting more well deserved attention recently. This large coffee table book contains a wealth of information Jean-Michel Frank's design! A visual delight, profusely illustrated with pictures and documentation, 263 pages, hard cover with dust jacket. Text in French and English.

Jean-Michel Frank was perhaps the most influential Parisian designer and decorator of the 1930s and 1940s, inspiring such varied talents as Andree Putman and Bonetti and Garouse. Frank established his reputation and signature look with the design of the Paris apartment of the Vicomte Charles de Noailles. The Noailles were leading progressives of their day and patrons of the major painters of Paris. Frank�s style of understated luxury�vellum-sheathed walls, bleached leather, lacquer and shagreen�perfectly complemented the Picassos and Braques on the walls. Frank�s blocky, rectangular club chairs and sofas have been endlessly copied and produced by many admirers. He is credited for the design of the modern Parsons table, a stark form that Frank embellished with the most luxurious finish. Admiringly described by the French "le style Frank," his look continues to exert its influence through the powerful combination of the simplest forms and the most exquisite materials to produce objects that are truly noble and utterly modern.

Publisher: Editions du Regard
Author: Leopold Diego Sanchez
Publication Date: 1997
Language: French and English
Pages: 263
Illustrations: illustrated with full color images
Size: 12.3 inch x 8.9 inch
Condition: New
Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
ISBN-10: 2841050203
ISBN-13: 9782841050208

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