Scott Henderson: Coink Porcelain Piggy Bank

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Scott Henderson: Coink Porcelain Piggy Bank
Mint Inc., New York City.

Change is good!

For centuries, the common piggy bank required the user to tediously and laboriously deposit coins one at a time through a thin coin slot. The COINK piggy bank in porcelain allows the user to quickly empty their pockets of change and deposit them in one shot through the COINK's easy-fill funnel. Emptying pants pockets at the end of the day is a lot more fun with the Coink porcelain piggy. The eight-inch-tall bank accepts coins by the fistful and lets him retrieve them through the same opening when he needs quarters for the laundry — or the ice cream man.
Size: ca. 8" height x 6 1/2" in diameter.

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