Mario Bellini: Heller Arco Bellini Armchair (6)

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Mario Bellini: Heller Arco Bellini Armchair (set of 6)
Heller, USA.

The Arco Bellini (aka ArcoBellini) was designed by Mario Bellini & Claudio Bellini for Heller. Mario & Claudio Bellini's ArcoBellini is an injection molded stacking armchair appropriate for commercial, institutional and residential use. The ArcoBellini Chair is stackable up to 26 chairs high which allows for easy storage. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Mario Bellini is an influential Italian architect and designer. Mario Bellini was born in Milan in 1935. Mario Bellini graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1959. Living and working in Milan, his activities have ranged from architecture and urban design to furniture and industrial design. An acclaimed designer as of 1963, many of his creations are today part of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Since the 80~Rs he has dedicated himself primarily to architectural projects worldwide, from Europe to USA, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Australia. Himself an avid art lover and collector, he is also well known as an art exhibition designer.

Material: Injection molded fiberglass reinforced polypropylene.

Dimensions: 33.5" height x 25" width x 21.5" depth. Seat height is 18".

Color Options:

The price is for a set of 6 chairs, packed 6 per color per carton

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