Award-Winning 12.7" Glass Terrarium Indoor Garden

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Award-Winning Glass Terrarium Indoor Garden Planter
Indoor Gardening Pots and Planters

Add a touch of calming greenery to your home with a minimum amount of effort. Make your own succulent indoor garden with the glass terrarium. Our beautiful award-winning glass terrarium indoor garden planter pot creates the perfect magical mini-world garden. This exquisite hand-blown terrarium won the vaunted International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in 2011. The glass mountain landscape uses light and shadow to create a beautiful home for plants. To make your room look its best, plants are a necessary part of any space. Bring some welcoming plant life indoors with one of these beautiful glass terrariums. This beautifully crafted glass terrarium is small enough to fit on a small side table and creates a beautiful focal point that softens a room.

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Ensure some of your favorite plants will survive inside one of these terrariums by creating a base layer in the bottom using sand or pebbles, which allows for drainage. Next add a layer of moss or potting soil followed by a selection of plants including succulents. Place your terrarium in direct sunlight to keep your plants thriving. Our terrarium planters are intended for indoor use only. Please note that pictured plants are not included (price is for the terrarium only).

Each terrarium planter is hand crafted and hand formed by master artisans from recycled glass which is precisely the reason we like it. Each is a "one off" piece, entirely made by hand. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept understandable variations in finish as well as minor imperfections that are normal for unique hand blown glass objects including irregularities, bubbles, dimples, flow and grit marks and rippling.

Price is for 1 (one) terrarium planter.

Material: transparent hand-blown glass.

Dimensions: 12.7 x 7.9 inches

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