Enzo Mari: Paros D1 Black Marble Bowl by Danese Milano

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Paros D1 Black Marble Centerpiece Bowl by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano

Paros D1 Black Marquina Marble Round Centerpiece Bowl (9.84" diameter) by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano. Created by the Italian Designer in 1964, "Paros-D1" is an artistic versatile modern bowl for anything from floating keys or tossing objects to just looking pretty. Display this black marble vide poche bowl on a console or your kitchen counter. Originally intended to be used as an ashtray. For ultimate functionality in the office, fill with paperclips, rubberbands or use as a catch-all. Edition is limited to 100 pieces each year; this is an original made by the authorized manufacturer.

Designer: Enzo Mari
Materials: Marble
Size: 9.84"DIA
Height: 2.76"H
Weight: 8.6 lbs.
Color: Black
Style / tradition: Modern
Date: 1964
Production Date: Current

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.