BRANDY Modern 2-Piece Stemless Cognac Glass Set

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BRANDY Modern 2-Piece Stemless Cognac Glass Set
Crystal Clear Cognac Glasses with Dimple Design
Glassware, Wine and Bar Collection from the Crosby Series at NOVA68

Special: prices start at $49.99 instead of $60.00

Designed and imported from Denmark, our BRANDY Modern 2-Piece Cognac Glass Set provides a stylish yet practical way to enjoy your finest bottle of Brandy; alone or in company. Perhaps our finest glass yet, the BRANDY stemless Cognac Glass features a special round design that makes it easy to swirl your Cognac against the glass wall. A beautiful balanced Cognac glass that will add a special experience to your finest brandy tastings. Our classic BRANDY Cognac Glass Set is stylish curved into a round shape and is made of completely transparent and lead-free crystal, which compliments the natural luster of Cognac. Refreshingly devoid of an all-too common base; these stemless cognac glasses provide the perfect handhold to look, smell and swirl fine cognac of all kinds. Price is for a set of 2 (two). Presented in a box suitable for gift giving, our Cognac Glasses are a popular and stylish gift idea.

Price is for a set of 2 (two) cognac glasses.

Material: crystal clear glass, stemless

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