Vitra Airworld: Design and Architecture Air Travel 9783931936495

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Air World: Design and Architecture for Air Travel

Publisher: Vitra Design Museum, Germany
Authors: Alexander Von Vegesack and Jochen Eisenbrand
ISBN: 9783931936488
Pages: 288
Edition: Hardcover
Year: 2004
Text: English
Condition: New
ISBN-13: 9783931936488

Vitra Airworld: Design and Architecture for Air Travel. Airworld design and architecture for air travel celebrates the aesthetic of the golden age of air travel a time when flying still retained something of the attraction of the unusual. This book also presents some the most convincing and visionary projects of today. the catalogue has approximately 250 pages and more than 400 illustrations - and it fits in your carry-on luggage. the nine essays focus on topics like the history of air cabin design the corporate design of airlines uniform fashion the graphics of air travel posters and the significant role that aviation played as an inspiration for architecture design and art up to the present day. Explore how aircraft designs have changed, from flying boats and the first scheduled planes through to the enormous forthcoming Airbus A380. This fully illustrated study covers every aspect of airline design, from cabin interiors to the presentation of onboard meals, the development of passenger seats, and the use of posters as the industry's advertising window.

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